ACT III: Kokum Butter and Marula Oil Blend

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Ah, Yes! Act III. The climax--where it all comes beautifully together. That's what the oil blend is all about--a fan favorite!! This exotic oil blend provides intense hydration to thirsty scalp and strands. The perfect, all-purpose addition to your hair regimen, our oil blend is a light, non-greasy "dry" oil that provides a glass-like shine to your hair. Mix it in with your co-wash, use it to seal your curl cream or alone as a daily conditioner or even heated for deep penetration. Safflower, Coconut, and Soybean oils nourish hair and hydrates the scalp. Marula Oil softens, nourishes, and revitalizes curls. Kokum Butter contains essential fatty acids to enhance hair's elasticity. 

PS--some folks even use this all-purpose oil on their body! We hear it works like a dream...