The reviews are in!

"What I love most about the HAIRiette products is that my 6 year old son who rocks a cool afro (sometimes cornrows) and husband who has a low fade feels as though it was made specifically for them. The creme isn't heavy, it's light like a souffle'. The oil isn't oily and heavy. It's a dry oil if that makes sense. They smell so good, not girly. My entire family hair thrives off of HAIRiette."  - Andre B.  

"In transitioning to natural hair, I have been frustrated in trying to find the right product for me. I just recently purchased the sample package of the Hairiette line and love it. I believe this will be my "go to" product now. I love the smell of the products and how they feel on my hair. I truly believe it is a "God" send to me."  - NoonSSMD 

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