To help make the world a better place, one hair at a time.


I was inspired to create the brand as a result of my funny and cantankerous relationship with my hair. The name came to me in the form of a person, "HAIRiette"--probably because I am an actress and that's the lens through which I see the world: through character and story. I wanted products that were healthy and that would allow me to go from curly to straight, keeping my tresses moisturized and protected from the bright lights of Hollywood (so much like the rays of the sun) and protect them from other elements, like humidity and the cold. I understand that Every Girl wants to be the star of her very own carpet and only healthy, premium products will do. At HAIRiette, we won't ever create five products that do the same thing and call them a different name. We make one cowash and we promise it will be the best one you ever use. We believe less is more and strive to deliver 100% satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with your products, we will deliver to you a full refund. 


It's such a joy to share these lovingly made products with you! But we all know life isn't always like it is in the movies. I created HAIRiette after a stint of not working as an actor. That's why a portion of HAIRiette's proceeds goes to a wonderful organization called The Actor's Fund--they are a 130 year old non-profit that serves entertainment professionals who are in crisis, need or  transition. They helped me when I needed it most. I am grateful. 

We want take care of ALL of you here at the House of HAIRiette. For now, we'll start at the top...with your hair. 

Love, Tanya

          (photos by Cia Gould)