HAIRiette is a hair product line dedicated to serving the needs of women of all ethnicities with dry, curly, coily and kinky hair. Infused with an exotic blend of fruit and oils, the line was created by curly hair actress Tanya Wright (Orange is the New Black, True Blood) in loving celebration and gratitude for our hair! HAIRiette products are infused with the HAIRiette Hydrating Complex, a vegetable based keratin to strengthen and fortify our sacred tresses.  

A 'HAIRiette' is also a person who:

cares about her health and hair

is a giver--she is kind!

is resourceful

is creative

strives to see the best in others 

Are YOU a HAIRiette? 


*   *   *


About Tanya

(and her HAIR!)

Tanya Wright is a familiar face to television audiences. She launched her career as an actress on THE COSBY SHOW as Theo’s girlfriend, Tanya Simpson, when she was a teen. This Bronx girl went on to appear in some of the most critically acclaimed television shows of our time, including ER, NYPD BLUE, “24” and THE GOOD WIFE. She completed seven seasons on HBO’s cult hit, TRUE BLOOD, as Deputy Kenya Jones.

Tanya currently appears in the role of hairdresser Crystal Burset on the Netflix original series ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. She is the writer/director and star of the feature film Butterfly Rising (finalist in HBO’s Best Narrative Feature Competition at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Festival) where she wrote the book of the same name.  

Tanya is a graduate of Vassar College. She was a semi-finalist in the Nicholl’s Screenwriting competition (administered by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences–the Oscars) and a fellow at the Mark Taper’s Playwrighting Lab.

Random “Tanya Fun Facts”

1. Fave foods: italian, meditteranean, thai, japanese, chinese, indian, greek, jamaican…get the idea?

2. Auditioned for the High School of the Performing Arts in NY– she was called back for dance and rejected…for acting!

3. Was a shy child and terrified of raising her hand in class from elementary school through college.

4. Used to be able to circle her entire body 360 degrees with clasped hands without dislocating her shoulder. Can no longer do this.

5. Enchanted with butterflies after the death of her brother, she wrote Butterfly Rising (the screenplay) in 8 days and the 1st draft of the book in an obsessive 3-month span, often writing day into night into day with little-to-no interaction with the outside world. It was the first writing project she had ever done that was not outlined beforehand.

6. Tanya’s beloved dog–Macarena– is a black labrador. She is a rescue and has been with Tanya since she was 8 month old. Macarena is now 11! Tanya so many ideas for HAIRiette while she was walking Macarena that she had to carry a recorder with her at all times.

7. Has been engaged 3 times.  Famous person whose love life she most identifies with is the now happily married George Clooney :)

8. Tanya is a triple Taurus–sun, moon and rising. 

9. Went crabbing with her grandfather and younger sister every summer in Charleston, SC. 

10. Use to braid hair to earn money when she was a young girl.

11. Horrible at any and all crafts. 

12. The Cosby Show was her first audition…and first acting job!


I want you to know how AMAZING your products are!!! I have before and after photos I just haven’t had a chance to send yet...it’s been years since my hair has curled up like this...no lie.”
— R. Winters